MFSIMultidimensional Fatigue Symptom Inventory (self-assessment)
MFSIMilitary Foreign Service Instructions (Canada)
MFSIMicro Finance Solutions, Inc. (Guatemala)
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MFSI disclaims any intention to or obligation to update these forward-looking statements.
At the end of this year, MFSI will introduce SonicPoint wireless access points in all its branches to enable secure, distributed wireless connectivity.
MFSI personnel have been involved with the development of automated pathogen detection systems and microfluidics for the US Government and commercial markets for over 25 years.
The CFC agreement also gives MFSI access to cross marketing opportunities in CFC's wide range of print publications.
We are confident that our extensive Internet media contacts and experience will help MFSI to take maximum advantage of all of these opportunities".
MFSI will display the features and performance of the system at their booth, including a demonstration of the network-implemented, remote control of a system, and in an invited lecture by CEO, Dr.
MFSI is the prime contractor receiving this funding to develop an improved, cost-effective autonomous airborne pathogen detection and identification system.
MFSI provides comprehensive Internet-based electronic publishing of unique content on the MicroCap sector; online investor relations services; e-commerce Web site design and fulfillment capabilities; and broadcasts over the Internet through video-streamed netcasts of various financial programs.
MFSI will be demonstrating its Microfluidic Bioagent Autonomous Networked Detector (M-BAND).
MFSI is a prime contractor receiving funding to develop an improved, more cost-effective autonomous airborne pathogen detection and identification system.
MFSI has become an Internet-based provider of financial news and services related to MicroCap investing through its newly created, wholly owned subsidiary MicroCap1000.
MFSI was awarded the Phase III program in January of this year and is currently completing its Phase II program.