MFSRMan from Snowy River (Australian poem, films)
MFSRMetastasis-Free Survival Rate (cancer survival)
MFSRMotor Function, Speech and Rehabilitation Study Section (neuroscience)
MFSRMiddle Fork of the Salmon River (Idaho)
MFSRMaximal Flow-Static Recoil (lung disease treatment)
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Figure 1 showed the curing curves of MSR, blended MFSR and FSR at 160[degrees]C.
At a fixed temperature, the minimum torque ML which was proportional to the viscosity (29) of the uncured blended MFSR increased with increasing of FSR content.
t]) against t and the obtained graphs were straight lines, which indicated the cure reaction of blended MFSR followed first order kinetics.
MFSR that had the same compositions as the blended MFSR was also included as a control.
g] of blended MFSR decreased with an increase of MSR content.
It meant that the heterogeneous nature was improved and blended MFSR became more homogeneous.
The effect of interfacial agent on the mechanical properties of blended MFSR with different FSR contents was shown in Fig.
Effect of oils on the hot oil resistance of blended MFSR with different FSR contents.
Curing characteristics, mechanical properties, low temperature performance, and hot oil resistance of blended MFSR were studied in details.
The cure characteristics revealed that higher FSR content could improve the scorch safety, lower the rate of cure reaction and lead to the poor processability of blended MFSR.