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MFTManaged File Transfer
MFTMarriage and Family Therapy
MFTMaster File Table (Microsoft NTFS)
MFTMicro Four Thirds (photography)
MFTMedia Fusion Technologies (Boyertown, Pennsylvania multi-media marketing company)
MFTMultiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks
MFTMean Field Theory (neural net)
MFTMature Fine Tailings
MFTMassachusetts Federation of Teachers
MFTMaster Fitness Trainer (US Army qualification)
MFTMinnesota Federation of Teachers
MFTMulti-Flex Trunk (module; Cisco)
MFTMoffatts (band)
MFTMulticast Forwarding Table (networking)
MFTMedia Fill Test (sterility assurance method)
MFTMultiple Familial Trichoepithelioma
MFTMain Fuel Trip
MFTMisFit Toys
MFTMateriel Fielding Team
MFTMeter Fix Time
MFTMission, Functions and Tasks
MFTMission, Functions, and Tasks (US Navy)
MFTMeando Fuera del Tarro
MFTMetaalwaren Fabriek Tilburg (Dutch: Metal Wares Factory Tilburg; Tilburg, Netherlands)
MFTMinor Frame Timer
MFTMetallic Facilities Terminal
MFTMission Flight Trainer
MFTMinuteman Flexible Targeting
MFTMobile Fuel Tanker
MFTMultiphase Flow Technology
MFTMobile Fire Team
MFTMosquito Fleet Trail (Port Orchard, WA)
MFTMechanized Flamethrower
MFTMagnetic Field Explorer
MFTMultiple Frequency Tracker
MFTMultiple Facility Trip
MFTMultiple False Targets
MFTMultiple Fixed Tasking
MFTMessage Format Translation
MFTMaster File Transaction Code (IRS)
MFTMaximal Fairness Theorem
MFTMulti-Functional Team (US Army)
MFTMy Favorite Things
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GoAnywhere MFT now features the ability to use Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) servers as Resources and Tasks to integrate antivirus and DLP (data loss prevention) solutions in your workflows.
MFT provides a unique framework for real musicians who play creative music, in both connecting them with performance opportunities and creating new streams of culture.
The Pakistan Transparency Pricing Initiative was carried out by Pakistan Microfinance Network and MFT, and supported by the State Bank of Pakistan under the Financial Inclusion Program, UK-Aid and the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, the purpose being to strengthen the industry in Pakistan from within by supporting institutions in making the necessary steps towards pricing transparency.
0 can now provide multiple DMZedge Servers that point to multiple Cornerstone MFT Servers, eliminating a single point of failure, which enables administrators to take either Cornerstone MFT or the DMZedge offline for maintenance without affecting system performance.
Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and document management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint and EMC Documentum, *automatically routing files of specified sizes and types through SEE MFT without any user intervention or change to work habits.
Working with Al-Falak enables us to expand our MFT reach into new markets across the globe and provide organizations with the ability to conduct flawless business interactions,' he added.
While evaluation of student progress is an ongoing activity, a Clinical Review Committee comprise of all MFT program faculty is responsible for reviewing student progress at two critical points in the program.
My interest in MFT dates back to 1993/94 when I met with a group of individuals who had been encouraged by the establishment of similar events in Vancouver and Edmonton.
The MFT technology employs vacuum evacuation of the die, as well as a specialized feed system and gating design.
On NTFS, the MFT is the "map" of each and every file on the volume and it is itself a file.
MFT can be used in both diagnosing and treating physical disorders.
In addition to providing enhanced security for content, the Workshare MFT feature allows users to reduce email storage costs and ensure attachments are stored in one central repository.