MFTDMaintenance and Flight Training Device
MFTDMusic for the Deaf (band)
MFTDMaximum Functionally Tolerated Dose (lung disease treatment)
MFTDMobile Field Training Detachment
MFTDMedically Fragile or Technology-Dependent (child care)
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Some of the school s innovations include First flight training organization to own a FNPT2 in Belgium in 2001; first FTO, in the world, to order and operate an MFTD Airbus A320 certified J STD2A-Level1, so far the sole operator worldwide and approved as a Maltese FTO in 2012.
Created by a partnership between Airbus and CAE, the Canadian simulator specialists, the system is called MFTD, for Maintenance Flight Training Device, and provides a total virtual reality training world for learners.