MFUMae Fah Luang University (Thailand)
MFUMinnesota Farmers Union
MFUMost Frequently Used
MFUMaritime Fishermen's Union (Canada)
MFUMilitary Families United
MFUMotorFlugUnion Klosterneuburg (flying club/school; Austria)
MFUMusic For Unity
MFUMaxillofacial Unit
MFUMichigan Farmers Union
MFUMetaFrame for UNIX (Citrix)
MFUMajor Fleet Unit
MFUMidpeninsula Free University (Palo Alto, CA)
MFUManufacturing, Formulation and Use
MFUMulti Functional Unit
MFUMobile Filtration Unit
MFUMelbourne Free University (Australia)
MFUMission Folder Update
MFUMain Function Unit
MFUMeeting Follow Up
MFUMinistry of Finance of Ukraine
MFUMiddle Finger Up
MFUMinimum Flow Unit
MFUMetabolic Fuel Utilized
MFUMultiple File Uploader
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PTB used the White Point optical stylus system on the MarForm MFU 110 WP to measure the pistons and cylinders.
The second sample, ZL-99-36, is from the upper, zeolite-rich part of a flow in the MFU near Green Point just east of Digby Gut.
Another version of events, from Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) observer Natasha Krahn estimates the number of MFU fishing boats at 50.
Over time, MFU, various college professors and other cooperative education leaders recognized the value of providing students with a structured opportunity to learn more about cooperatives and related careers," said Cathy Statz, conference co-coordinator and Wisconsin Farmers Union (WFU) education director.
The MFU contains numerous (4-16), variably thick ([less than or equal to]1 to 25 m) flows with a laterally variable composite thickness (150 to 10 m) that decreases westwards.
Also shown will be the Formtester MFU 8 for measuring the roundness and straightness of large axially symmetrical components.
Denis Berezovsky, Admiral of the MFU, has been the first of the authorities of the peninsula to approach the Russians, but so far has not been successful.
Addressing the VSAs, three CBL representatives, managed by the head of the MFU, Tunu Throw, stated the citizens at different meeting sites, counting Bopolu, Gbarma, Henry's Town, Bokomu, Tarlpoima, Totoquelleh that they require to raise US$5,000 or its corresponding in Liberian dollars in each of the four districts.
The Art Institutes system of schools and MFU partnered to create the scholarship program to provide educational support to spouses of Armed Forces members, including Active Duty, Active National Guard and Reserve, and spouses of those killed in the line of duty post 9/11.
The subject of the public contract technical repair and maintenance of reprographic equipment - MFU : - Inkjet and laser printers copiers A3/A4- A3/A4, : - Faxes, : - Scanners, : - Franking machines (hereinafter referred to as device).
6 million from the acquisitions of IMS and MFU in May and October 2006, respectively.
2 million related to the acquisitions of Infast in July 2005, IMS in May 2006 and MFU in October 2006.