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MG1Mucin Glycoprotein 1
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Submandibular and sublingual glands electron microscopic immunogold localization of salivary mucins MG1 and MG2 in human.
Mediacom has begun the roll out of Pace's MG1 across their footprint, including their largest markets in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Georgia, and Florida.
The baseline model (MG1) indicated an acceptable fit to the data, and the goodness of fit of the MG2 remained the same as MG1 while factor loadings were constrained across groups.
Their MG1 training in Cuba prepared them well for using Western medical techniques in a community which relies on spiritual healers.
Further analytic insight into the MG1 microeconomic approach to evaluating and enhancing national competitiveness, please see Badly and Solow [2001].
How Delinea pulcra furanones affect quorum sensing and swarming motility in Serratia liquefaciens MG1.
Without fitting sophisticated variance components models--which brings its own problems, as discussed above--it is inevitable that measures derived using methods like MG1 and MG2 reflect the variability from permanent shocks not from only transitory ones.
Sky Chrome is a substantial deposit with 12Mt of open pit recoverable reserves in the MG1, 2, 3 and 4 seams and 104Mt total resources, of which 56Mt is in reserve categories.
The motor efficiency function is based upon NEMA MG1 4-pole squirrel cage TEFC Premium efficiency motors.
IS 9283/ NEMA MG1 30/ MG1 31 VFD: Input Supply : AC 3 phase 415V 50 Hz Output Supply : AC 3 Phase 0 to 415V, 5 to 200 Hz Encl : IP 54 Switching device : IGBT Mounting : Surface Mount Design Data: Motor Rating : 9.