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MG1Mucin Glycoprotein 1
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Mediacom has begun the roll out of Pace's MG1 across their footprint, including their largest markets in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Georgia, and Florida.
It is unclear whether this trend differs from the ones shown in figure 1 because of the different modelling approaches used (variance component models versus MG1 and MG2 estimators) or different sample selections.
4]C coating (condensate) of 15 [micro]m thickness, and graphite of the MG1 grade were used as the specimens.
Immunoquantification of human salivary mucins MG1 and MG2 in stimulated whole saliva: factors influencing mucin levels.
Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Fonds Helen Creighton, MG1, Sargent Correspondence, Vol.
The resulting clonal isolate designated Pseudomonas aeruginosa MG1 could produce biofilm.
1] at each time point, although four samples under approximately 6 [micro]m in length (SC1, PT1, MG1, and TO1) had a low [[beta].
In addition, we found pre-treatment of MG1 32 induced polyubiquitin modified HIF-1[alpha] after curcumin exposure, suggesting curcumin promotes HIF-1[alpha] degradation in a ubiquitin- and proteasome-dependent manner.
And the piece-de-resistance, the hybrid drive system that, like other Toyota/Lexus hybrid systems, uses two motor generators, with the first, MG1, used to start the gasoline engine when working as a motor, then becoming a generator to produce electricity to power MG2 and to recharge the 288-V nickel metal hydride battery.