MG3Maschinengewehr 3 (German machine gun)
MG3Mobility Group 3 (tourism; UK)
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First there was the GS, which along with the MG3 saw MG's UK sales rise by six per cent last year.
Designed for fun motoring, the MG3 offers buyers a wide choice of personalisation packs which allow you to add your own stamp on the car with different graphics, wheels, coloured mirror options and interiors.
If you choose the MG3 or the brand new MG ZS, there is no deposit to be paid.
That said, it's perfectly fine for negotiating the town and city traffic in which the MG3 is likely to be spending most of its time and, thanks to a well-balanced chassis, there is some driving enjoyment to be had.
This acquisition marks AEP's second transaction with ESJ Capital Partners and MG3 Developer Group.
All MG3 models in the range also come with loads of personalisation options, with graphic packs allowing drivers to customise their MG3 to their own taste and style.
But the MG3 is not a sports car and those characteristics probably wouldn't matter that much to the average driver.
The cars themselves - both the initial MG6 and the recent MG3 - were actually well designed (at Longbridge in fact) and drove well enough, but were let down by old-fashioned and thirsty engines which didn't fit the British market or local petrol prices.
While sales of the MG6 saloon/ hatchback have been modest, the MG3 was universally well received following its launch in 2013.
Still, because the MG3 looks to undercut many of the established names, this rather blended styling is perhaps to its credit.
MG, a China-based automaker, has upgraded its MG3 supermini for the United Kingdom market.
In addition he gets the chance to give the MG3 the ultimate test drive and races in one of the fastest MGs ever made.