MGCCCMississippi Gulf Coast Community College
MGCCCMiddle Georgia Clean Cities Coalition (est. 1996)
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MGCCC announced plans for it in November 2013, aided by the 2012 passage of the Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act, which provides incentives for new health care-related projects.
The team at MGCCC decided that financial awareness, which can be done a variety of ways, was important for its students.
She said a survey last year of sophomore students found 57 percent wanted to transfer to USM, but she said this program is not the "2 Plus 2 agreement of years gone by," which helped students transfer from MGCCC to USM.
Lott added that he could not have coped without a good disaster plan, and MGCCC had one in place pre-Katrina.
Beginning as early as this summer, Graham says MGCCC will start a new aerospace and aircraft training package aimed at preparing students for jobs at such employers as Airbus in Mobile.
This is the fourth time in 10 years MGCCC has raised rates.
MGCCC had entered into a contract in March with USA to rent part of a building on the Jackson County campus for three years.
PRCC MGCCC Pre-Katrina enrollment 4,300 students 10,400 Projected enrollment for 3,000 9,300 this fall: Loss in student tuition $1.
Despite those setbacks, MGCCC reopened 17 days after Katrina's landfall.
MGCCC President Willis Lott said enrollment grew because of efforts that include requiring employees to take part in customer service training and quicker responses to admission applications.
Roosevelt "Ted" Mercer and MGCCC President Willis H.
The junior college board had sued in 1999, saying the 1972 law gave it approval over expansions of senior college programs in the area already served by MGCCC.