MGCSMichigan Growth Capital Symposium
MGCSMyrtle Grove Christian School (Wilmington, NC)
MGCSManaging Goals and Careers for Success
MGCSMicron Government Computer Systems, Inc.
MGCSMissile Guidance and Control System
MGCSMedical-Grade Calcium Sulfate (chemical additive)
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By bringing together entrepreneurs, universities and venture capitalists, MGCS has paved the way for growth industries such as technology, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and alternative energy.
Recent successful company exits, including MGCS presenters Health Media and HandyLab, as well as a unique concentration of world-class research universities combined with R&D and manufacturing expertise, have helped the Midwest become an attractive geography for early-stage companies and funders alike.
According to MGCS, a key reason for choosing SolidDesigner was its dynamic modeling environment, which allows design revisions that are not constrained by previous design assumptions.
Fueling economic development and growth, MGCS has served as a catalyst to raise the visibility of venture investment and entrepreneurial success in Michigan and the Midwest region.
MGCS has served as a champion of entrepreneurial investment opportunities in the region.
MGCS is the premier networking event for venture capital investment leaders to connect with emerging growth companies that are actively searching for funding and partners.
On the sponsorship front, MGCS has continued to attract regional and national partners including venture capital, economic development, private equity and professional services firms that value the networking, business development and marketing opportunities present at this leading growth capital event.
The Midwest holds many unique opportunities for investors, not the least of which is an un-harvested field of entrepreneurs and developing technologies," said John Neis, co-founder and Managing Director of Venture Investors, an MGCS sponsor.
2008 will be an important year to shine spotlights on the investment opportunities sprouting throughout the Midwest and the MGCS plays a critical role in continuing to nurture the region's entrepreneurial potential," stated David Brophy, MGCS Founder and Professor of Finance at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.
Partnering with MGCS creates a laser focus for members of the Michigan Venture Capital Association to participate in the event at all levels," said MVCA President Mary Campbell of EDF Ventures.
For 26 years, MGCS has sought out 'the best of the Midwest' emerging companies and has put them in front of leading investors to make valuable connections.
The MGCS once again seeks to identify and encourage top life science and information technology companies to apply for the 2005 Symposium as potential presenting companies.