MGDCMartha Graham Dance Company (New York, NY)
MGDCMasters Gamblers Dog of Canada (title)
MGDCMinnesota Geographic Data Clearinghouse
MGDCMember of the Graphic Designers of Canada
MGDCMetropolitan Growth and Development Corporation (Wayne County, MI)
MGDCMedia Gateway Device Control
MGDCMahatma Gandhi-Doerenkamp Center (India)
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Vianova Resins has significantly improved its performance over the past three years," said Tom Leader, a director of MGDC, who is joining the supervisory board of Vianova Resins.
Brdnik says that workshops allow MGDC faculty and dancers to make lasting connections with auditioners that can lead to a job down the line.
While still with MGDC, McGinley familiarized herself with Taylor's style, running down to the school to take class and attending summer and winter intensives.
With curated programs (five in one week) to "provide audiences with new points of access to the art form," MGDC, according to its latest press release, intends to take its cue from the art world and become a "living museum," preserving not just its founder's legacy but the classics of modern dance generally.
At the end of last season, Knight, 27, was promoted to soloist, and he's happy to stay with MGDC for the foreseeable future.