MGDPMaize Gene Discovery Project (est. 1998; National Science Foundation)
MGDPMobile GPS (Global Positioning System) Demonstration Platform
MGDPMicro-Gel Diffusion Precipitin Test (microbiology)
MGDPMissouri Genetics Disease Program
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X3] Research Focus (catalog/list of MGDP, definitions, Detection and specification of MGDP)
Get into more detail of finalized studies we discovered 7 types of MGDP and categorized them according to their specific type as shown in Table 3.
After analyzing and examining available data we realize that MGDP is a wide and open research area.
Third attribute publication venue shows that it is a case study for detection of MGDP or workshop for identifying new patterns or a survey [1].
Two methods were utilized to evaluate the MGDP learning plan: a student questionnaire (employed in years 1-3) and a pre- and post-intervention examination (year 3 only).
The student questionnaire was administered immediately after completion of the MGDP learning plan.
Pre- and post-intervention examinations were utilized in the third iteration of the MGDP plan (Figure 3).