MGFSMedia General Financial Services, Inc
MGFSMyasthenia Gravis Fatigue Scale (neuroscience)
MGFSMorning Glory Fermentation Supply (home brewing; California)
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However, there was not a significant difference in fatigue score, as measured by MGFS, between MG patients who reported that aerobic exercise relieved fatigue and those who reported that aerobic exercise did not relieve their fatigue.
It is our intention to devote capital and resources to grow the MGFS business, and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to build upon its position as one of the pioneers of the financial information industry.
In a series of preliminary tests, the psychometric properties of the MGFS were evaluated.
We are very pleased to have Microsoft integrate the MGFS Canadian database into its online service," said Horace Dowdy, vice president of operations and development for MGFS.
With the inclusion of the MGFS data, DTN is able to introduce compelling value-added features to their multiple product lines.
com, a pioneer in the consumer financial Web space," comments Art Carpenter, director of business development for MGFS.
MGFS is providing daily updates to corporate data and is integrated among many of the robust services offered within the research section of the site.
MGFS provides the fundamental data upon which the gurus generate their conclusions.
TFSD commanded a data vendor that met their high quality standards and MGFS fit the profile.
The First Call earnings estimates data was provided via MGFS through its affiliation with First Call/Thomson Financial.
To maintain and expand a competitive advantage in this space, MGFS must continually enhance its data coverage and add value to its existing data assets.
MGFS data complements the personal finance tools, news, research and reference material content on the site.