MGGMusik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (German: Music in History and Presence; musical encyclopedia)
MGGMolecular and General Genetics (journal)
MGGMGM Mirage, Inc.
MGGMarkgrafen-Gymnasium (Karlsruhe, Germany)
MGGMesser Griesheim GmbH (German: Messer Group GmbH; industrial gas industry)
MGGMilitary Governor-General
MGGMy Gaming Group (gaming management group)
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McCourt Global provided a $200 million initial commitment for the launch of MGG and working capital to support institutional best practices, infrastructure, and resources.
8220;We look forward to a mutually successful collaborative effort with MGG,” noted SAM Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Luis Miguel Leal.
Mel's hard-working, team-oriented and objectives-based approach to managing DEY will be of great benefit to our overall North American business," said Hank Klakurka, President and Chief Executive Officer, MGG.
Blume doubted, at least for a time, that anything like the old MGG would ever be attempted again, since the dawning age of splintering specialization would render the grand synthesis impracticable, if not simply quaint and obsolete.
Additional share repurchases appear highly unlikely, but MGG has 20 million shares remaining under its current authorization.
Related to second quarter 2009, MGG will receive distributions of $23.
Additional share repurchases appear highly unlikely, but MGG has significant room remaining under its current authorization, and was an aggressive purchaser of shares in 2003 and 2004.
MMP and MGG have filed a joint proxy statement/prospectus and other documents with the SEC in relation to the proposed simplification of their capital structure.
MGG was forced to negotiate the sale of one of two licenses in Detroit (to comply with local ordinances restricting ownership to one license in Michigan).
0141% 0% General partner's allocated share of net income before direct charges 3 - Direct charges to general partner (408) - Net income allocated to general partner $(405) $- Net income applicable to limited partners and general partner $17,619 $12,022 Less: net income allocated to general partner (405) - Net income allocated to limited partners $18,024 $12,022 (a) In December 2008, the partnership acquired its general partner from MGG Midstream Holdings, L.
The simplification is expected to be consummated in the third quarter of 2009, subject to customary closing conditions including approval of the unitholders of MMP and MGG.
A look at overall option activity on MGG reveals that investors now hold 26,400 calls compared to 2,600 puts in the front three months of option activity.