MGHSMarquette General Health System
MGHSMac.Robertson Girls' High School (Melbourne, Australia)
MGHSMissouri Ghost Hunters Society
MGHSMt. Gilead High School (Ohio)
MGHSMethodist Girls' High School (various locations)
MGHSMount Grace High School (Hinckley, England)
MGHSMutare Girls' High School (Zimbabwe)
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UPCARE E2E will specifically draw on the knowledge and experience of its lab managers, technology experts and executives responsible for the success at MGHS and other programs.
UPCARE Technology developed an EMR solution for the 16 hospital Upper Peninsula Healthcare Network in Michigan, and is implementing a comprehensive EMR solution at MGHS.
MGHS is the largest healthcare provider in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and serves approximately 12,000 inpatients and 350,000 outpatients per year.
In addition, Duke LifePoint shares a fundamental commitment to the MGHS workforce and to continuation of MGHS's historical provision of charity care.
As part of Duke LifePoint, we will be able to create new opportunities and new jobs for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals in the Upper Peninsula," said Gary Muller, President and CEO of MGHS.
The housekeeping and laundry departments are very visible healthcare staff members," said Ellen Greer, Director of Housekeeping at MGHS.
Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, MGHS is a 315-bed specialty care hospital, providing care in 65 specialties and subspecialties since 1973.
The housekeeping and laundry department staff at MGHS works hard at their jobs and are very deserving of this honor.
An additional credit concern is DCHS's small size, which makes the organization susceptible to volume fluctuations, physician turnover, and health plan contracting items, however, DCHS's recent affiliation with MGHS should mitigate some of these concerns.
However, Fitch views the organization's three-year partnership with MGHS favorably with the intent of the relationship to create better physician relationships and improved purchasing power with Blue Cross Blue Shield.
In the first phase of their radiology system implementation, MGHS is replacing their current RIS with RadPlus in order to upgrade their functionality and resolve Y2K compliance issues.