MGIFMobile Games Interoperability Forum
MGIFMolecular Genetics Instrumentation Facility (University of Georgia)
MGIFMediaGate International Federation, Inc.
MGIFMicrobial Growth Inhibitory Factor
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We've invested a lot of money in energy saving projects at MGIF and have nearly reached our goal already," Peaslee said.
MGIF has made the following capital improvements, the last of which was completed in early August:
The projects are a mix of those recommended by DOE's auditors and additional sources of savings MGIF recognized that didn't meet the requirements of a DOE-funded project.
0 specifications, and we are eager to receive their contributions to help set direction for future of mobile games, as the MGIF becomes part of the Open Mobile Alliance," says Paul Goode of Motorola, MGIF chair.
Symbian, the creator of Symbian OS, an operating system that powers feature-rich mobile phones, has joined MGIF to further its commitment to reduce fragmentation of standard-based solutions.
Our sponsorship of the MGIF will ensure that Symbian OS continues to support industry standards and interoperability between handsets and network-based game services, bringing benefits to developers, network operators and service providers.
Thomas says the planned integration into the OMA is beneficial to all involved, as the MGIF will now have access to a broader mobile community, including mobile operators, and the OMA will establish stronger ties with the games developer and publisher communities.
On 7 November 2002 in London, the MGIF will host a Requirements Workshop, gathering input on both server and handset issues to be addressed in later releases.
The MGIF is a program of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO), which supports the management and administration of the Forum's day-to-day activities.
The two new Sponsors join the MGIF as the initiative moves toward releasing its version 1.
The MGIF was formed by Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Siemens in July 2001 to address the issues of portability and interoperability in the mobile games space.
In addition to the four founding companies, the MGIF Sponsors are Borland, Capcom, Cash-U Mobile Technologies Ltd.