MGLHMultivariate General Linear Hypothesis
MGLHMulticentric Giant Lymph Node Hyperplasia (cancer)
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The MGLH design doubles the increase in moment arms for both muscles to 40% through external rotation relative to the other designs.
Table 1 Description of Components Used in Each of the Reverse Assemblies Description Glenosphere Glenoid Baseplate Diameter Size LGMH 32 mm, +10 mm 26 mm diameter Lateral CoR MGMH 36 mm, +0 mm 29 mm diameter CoR BIORSA 36 mm, +10 mm 29 mm diameter CoR MGLH 38 mm, +2 mm Oval 34 mm height Lateral CoR x 25 mm width Description Glenoid Plate Location LGMH Aligned with inferior rim of glenoid.
The Company's stock previously traded under the ticker symbol MGLH.