MGNREGAMahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (India)
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The court is hearing PILs filed by former high court judge Justice Puttaswamy and NGO Society for Civil Rights, who The court has extended UID card's use for MGNREGA, pension schemes, Jan Dhan Yojana etc Top court had modified order after a plea by AG Rohatgi -- CHIEF JUSTICE H L DATTU The scheme is voluntary and not mandatory till the matter is decided by the court.
Periodic independent evaluation of the implementation process of MGNREGA as well as its impact on rural India is essential for an unbiased view of an important flagship rural development program undertaken at the national level.
I also have a piggery, backyard poultry and do MGNREGA work when I get them," added Rablaxmi Debbarma, a tailor.
But MGNREGA at least encouraged one to work to earn one's livelihood, whereas the Food Security Bill is more like a dole, which may not motivate one to toil and earn his food.
Replying to a debate on President's address in Lok Sabha, Modi had on Friday taken a dig at the Opposition over rumours that MGNREGA scheme was being stopped.
Though it has been receiving funds for MGNREGA after much persuation from the state, Rs17 billion is still not been given to the state under various rural schemes, since local body elections had not being held," the minister said refuting the claims of ill treatment of Bengal.
Last year, the amount was ` 1,550 crore ; The NDA government recently gave fresh impetus to the scheme by linking it to several programmes such as MGNREGA, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, pensions and even attendance systems in government offices
MGNREGA has transformed the lives of the people, who used to be solely dependent on agriculture, by providing them an additional source of income.
She charged both the previous and the current regime in West Bengal for not implementing the MGNREGA scheme properly which could have changed the lives of the people for the better.
There have been plenty of complaints relating to substandard quality of work executed under the MGNREGA scheme.
Right to Food, Right to Education, MGNREGA, Right to Employment, Right to Health.
We have also given RTE, MGNREGA and Food Security Act," she added.