MGPIMammary Gland Proteome Initiative
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Our purchase of the Kansas City facility from MGPI allows us to expand production of our formulated pet treats, some of which include Sergeant's SteakHouse , Sniffers and DentaFresh .
MGPI processes specialty wheat proteins, specialty wheat starches, vital wheat gluten, commodity wheat starch, and food grade and fuel grade alcohol at the Atchison facility.
Restoring profitability is job number one at MGPI," said Newkirk.
Our customers know that MGPI is committed to be their partner in food product innovation both today and in the future.
Following a five-year stint in various executive management positions with Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation, Newkirk returned to MGPI in May 2005 as director of operations.
I am looking forward to participating with the team in the continued growth and success of MGPI.
This was mainly due to a 64 percent decline in sales of specialty ingredients for non-food applications, principally the MGPI Chewtex(TM) line of pet-related ingredients.
Because MGPI "is involved in business on a global basis," Dr.
This, combined with the fact that the gluten supplier to Menu Foods has not yet been disclosed and because certain media reports have fueled speculation and concern that a 'Kansas supplier' may be the source of the gluten in question, have caused people to inquire whether MGPI is involved.
Through extensive research in protein and starch chemistry, MGPI continues to expand the depth and scope of its business.
The company currently has annual net sales of approximately $280 million, and is listed on the Nasdaq National Market under the ticker symbol MGPI.
It provides improved accommodations and greater opportunities for us to conduct practical research and development for the next generation of innovative ingredients with high prospects for commercial success; undertake formulations and applications development in support of R & D and customer-based projects; conduct training of MGPI personnel and its global distributors and customers; and host and work directly with customers in providing solutions to their R & D and product development initiatives.