MGPOMountain and Glacier Protection Organization (Islamabad)
MGPOMetal Gear: Portable Ops (game)
MGPOMassachusetts General Physicians Organization
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MGPO offices are responsible for leading the development of the government's response to the Joint Review Panel report and are reviewing the fiscal framework that will apply to the project.
The broad-based agreement with the MGPO provides AuntMinnie.
Educational Materials: Notably, MGPO will provide teaching files for broad use and for the popular AuntMinnie.
Clinical Information: MGPO will provide research and best practices regarding emerging technologies, new uses for existing technology and new techniques in diagnostic imaging-based diagnosis and treatment.
Editorial Assistance: MGPO radiologists will help ensure the site is comprehensive, and represents the most up-to-date thinking in the industry.
James Thrall, Chairman of the Radiology Associates of the MGPO and also Radiologist in Chief at The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), commented, "We recognized the need for high quality radiology information on the Internet and chose AuntMinnie.
Physicians at the MGPO have the following applications available on the PatientKeeper Platform:
For the past 10 years, the MGPO has supported doctors in their efforts to provide excellent care to patients while assisting in timely and fair reimbursement.