MGPPMaster of Global Public Policy (academic degree)
MGPPMulti-Generational Project Plan
MGPPMichigan Great Printers Project (also seen as MI-GPP)
MGPPMember of the Guild of Professional Practitioners
MGPPMulti-Generational Product Plan
MGPPMachine-Groomed Packed Powder (ski conditions)
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The GE Security EDS MGPP offers customers the ability to maximize and protect their baggage screening infrastructure investments by ensuring a continuing upgrade path to the latest technologies through a series of regular new product releases.
The TSA, as well as our other customers around the world, can be confident, thanks to this MGPP, that their investments in EDS systems will continue to deliver value and performance improvements well into the future.
The next planned EDS in GE's MGPP is the CTX 9800 DSi.