MGPYMillion Gallons Per Year
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Part of the $273 million in proceeds was used to complete the acquisition of an existing ethanol production facility in Russell, which is currently producing 45 MGPY.
Gevo will provide the technology and capital necessary to retrofit Redfield's existing 50 MGPY ethanol facility and, in exchange, will receive an equity interest in Redfield.
In May 2011, Gevo announced a letter of intent for its third plant, also a JV, for an additional expected 50 MGPY of isobutanol production.
He was most recently a General Manager for the ASAlliances Biofuels 100 MGPY facility in Linden, Indiana.
The two Texas plants will each produce 100 MGPY, bringing company production totals to more than 250 MGPY.
Within the next few years, White Energy plans to own, operate, and produce more than 500 MGPY of ethanol via several facilities located close to major ethanol consumption markets," Kuykendall said.
Xethanol currently owns and operates a 5 MGPY corn-based ethanol facility in Blairstown, IA.
White Energy also owns an operating 45-MGPY plant in Russell, Kansas, which, when combined with output of the two Texas plants, will bring White Energy's total production capacity to 245 MGPY.
The first plant is a 10 MGPY plant that will start up within a few weeks," says Dick Talley, P.
The company currently operates a 45 MGPY nameplate ethanol plant in Russell, Kansas that was recently acquired from U.
Strategically located in the center of California's San Joaquin Valley, one of the most productive agriculture regions in the country, the Goshen Ethanol facility's annual production capacity currently reaches 27 million gallons per year (MGPY), which Altra aims to expand to 35 MGPY, making the Goshen facility the largest existing ethanol production center in the western United States.