MGSOMetal Gear Solid Online (gaming)
MGSOMicrobiology Graduate Student Organization (Iowa State University; Ames, IA)
MGSOMultimission Ground System Organization
MGSOMars Global Surveyor Orbiter (US NASA)
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Microsoft's MGSO and Customer Service Asia Pacific Operations entered into the certification process with sustained commitment to ensure that key approaches, processes and metrics were in place to provide effective management of their Customer Service Provider (CSP) relationships.
It also aligned perfectly with the Outsource Management System developed by our partners in MGSO to cover the contractual relationship elements which they own in our overall relationships with our Customer Service Providers.
The recertification of Microsoft's MGSO and APAC to the COPC-2000 VMO Standard simply serves to show the company's dedication to effectively managing their Customer Service Provider relationships," said Cliff Moore, COPC Inc.