MGSSMcGill Group for Suicide Studies (McGill University)
MGSSMusic Graduate Students' Society (McGill University)
MGSSMain Gun Signature Simulator
MGSSMuffler Grade Stainless Steel
MGSSMalaysian German Students Society
MGSSManned Geosynchronous Spacecraft Servicer
MGSSMechanical Ground Support System
MGSSMahatma Gandhi Secondary School (various locations)
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The MGSS aims to help the youngsters reach an educational standard high enough for them to enter the mainstream school system or attend college.
Clothing NTVs Sets Convoy Security (Day) MOUT (Day/Night) 15/15 Live-Fire (Day) Total (Day/Night) 15/15 0 Interpreters AK-47S (M16/M4) Convoy Security (Day) 2 MOUT (Day/Night) 8/8 Live-Fire (Day) Total (Day/Night) 0 10/8 AK-47-RD Crew Served (Rubber Ducks) Weapons Convoy Security (Day) 1 MOUT (Day/Night) 8 2/2 Live-Fire (Day) Total (Day/Night) 8 3/2 VIPER RPG PM 50 Pistol Rubber Duck Rubber Duck Convoy Security (Day) 2 MOUT (Day/Night) 1 2 Live-Fire (Day) Total (Day/Night) 3 2 Sniper Rifle IED/s MGSS (M16) Convoy Security (Day) 2 MOUT (Day/Night) 1/1 Live-Fire (Day) Total (Day/Night) 1/1 2
Twenty-six pupils from nine different schools took part in the Image and Media Your Turn programme day which started in the Jaguar Training Centre at Browns Lane in the morning, examining and debating the day's headlines and photographs with Balbir Sohal, support co-ordinator for MGSS.