MHASMexican Health and Aging Study
MHASModernising Hearing Aid Services (UK)
MHASMental Health Advocacy Service (various locations)
MHASMartlesham Heath Aviation Society (Woodbridge, Suffolk, England)
MHASMulticultural HIV/AIDS Service (Australia)
MHASMental Health and Addiction Service
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We are also pleased to work with CADRE, Public Counsel, and MHAS to more effectively respond to student conduct issues and reduce the rate and number of suspensions by establishing specific goals and guidelines that are more supportive of staff, parents and students.
The successful Offeror must use all prescribed documentation and reporting information provided by MHAS and ODRC.
Full implementation of the SWPBS Policy is critical because of its ability to reduce exclusionary discipline practices and create a positive school culture," said Ruth Cusick, staff attorney at MHAS.