MHASMexican Health and Aging Study
MHASModernising Hearing Aid Services (UK)
MHASMental Health Advocacy Service (various locations)
MHASMartlesham Heath Aviation Society (Woodbridge, Suffolk, England)
MHASMulticultural HIV/AIDS Service (Australia)
MHASMental Health and Addiction Service
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In contrast with the literature that generally focuses purely on child care provided to young children (aged 0-4 or 0-12), the MHAS survey asks for time spent helping (grand) children without specifying the activities.
2 100 Source: Authors' calculations based on the MHAS 2001 survey.
A longer follow-up of the MHAS cohorts of older adults would increase the possibility of tracing 1) a higher number of deaths and 2) the expression of high-order interaction effects for the diseases.
Data on self-reported diabetes prevalence in seven major cities in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Mexico come from SABE and MHAS.
MHAS was a prospective two-wave panel study of a nationally representative cohort of Mexicans born prior to 1951 (50 years or more).
Only data obtained during the first wave of the MHAS were used in this study.
Prevalence estimates were obtained taking into account the complex survey design and the need for results that could be generalized to the SABE and MHAS populations.
The Sullivan method was used to estimate the diabetes and diabetes-free life expectancy based on prevalence data from SABE and MHAS 2001.
Data from the two surveys, SABE and MHAS, show that diabetes imposes a serious burden on the health status of the populations in Latin America and the Caribbean.
As mentioned above, MHAS controlled public works expenditures in their districts.
40) These became known as "railway connecting roads," and money began to be spent on such roads during the fall, again by the Board of Works through agents nominated by the appropriate MHAS, as was the case with main lines.
Early in 1895, thanks to legislation removing the disqualifications, unseated MHAS began to reappear.