MHBPMail Handlers Benefit Plan
MHBPMembrane Haem-Binding Protein
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The MHBP Federal Vision Plan is available for vision services including wellness care, annual exams, eyeglasses and contacts.
More details on the MHBP Federal Dental Plan and MHBP Federal Vision Plan are available on the MHBP website, www.
This is the first year that HSAs will be offered in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, which provides a great opportunity for the MHBP and First Health to become leaders in this area for federal employees," said Susan Fleming, senior vice president, First Health.
The National Postal Mail Handlers Union and First Health initially offered a dental and vision supplemental plan to MHBP members in 2004 and, because of the strong response to that offering, these plans are again being offered for 2005.
While MHBP continues to offer the High Option plan, the Consumer and Standard Option plans will be aggressively promoted during Open Season, the time of year when federal employees can select or change health plans.
We expect that as federal and postal employees and annuitants become informed about the benefits of these offerings, they will select MHBP to meet their health care needs.