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MHCMount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA)
MHCMajor Histocompatibility Complex
MHCMars Hill College
MHCMyosin Heavy Chain
MHCMutual Holding Company
MHCMental Health Center
MHCMental Health Counseling
MHCMental Health Commission
MHCMile High Club
MHCMigrant Health Centers (US HRSA)
MHCMichigan Humanities Council
MHCMental Health Coalition
MHCMobile Health Clinics
MHCMinehunter, Coastal
MHCMissouri Humanities Council
MHCManitoba Horse Council (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
MHCMount Hope Church (Grand Blanc, MI)
MHCMaterial-Handling Car
MHCMaryland Horse Council
MHCMillenial Housing Commission
MHCMinor Histocompatibility Complex (immunology)
MHCMechanical Hydraulic Control
MHCMethodist Health Care
MHCManufactured Housing Consultant (Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute)
MHCModern Housing Complex (India)
MHCMary Holmes College (West Point, Mississippi)
MHCManufactured Housing Commission
MHCMasonic Healthcare Center (Wallingford, CT)
MHCMild Hydrocracking Unit
MHCMaterial Handling Cost (cellular manufacturing systems)
MHCMichigan Historical Commission
MHCMilitary High Command
MHCmanagement headquarters ceiling (US DoD)
MHCMateriel Handling Crane
MHCMunshi Head Constable (India)
MHCMoto-Club des Hauts Cantons (French: Senior Townships Motorcycle Club)
MHCMulti Hypothesis Correlation
MHCMaritime Historical Conference
MHCMixed Hepatocellular Carcinoma
MHCMan in the High Castle (Philip K. Dick book)
MHCMcGraw-Hill Companies (publishing)
MHCMental Health Clinic (various organizations)
MHCMedicine Hat College (Alberta, Canada)
MHCMetropolitan Hospital Center (New York, NY)
MHCMobile Home Community (various locations)
MHCMacaulay Honors College (New York)
MHCMars Hill Church (Seattle, WA)
MHCMini HiFi Component
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Furthermore, this activity builds on another on-going work of the IAEA to upgrade the MHC to facilitate direct borehole disposal of sealed radioactive sources, also known as the BOSS methodology.
Genomic sequences of swamp eel MHC-DAB gene: Based on the full-length cDNA sequence of MHC-DAB, gene-specific primers were synthesized to amplify the introns in order to further characterize swamp eel MHC class II B (Table 1).
The call to designate (the) Philippines for TPS has since been echoed and re-echoed by other Filipino nationals, members of the US Congress and Senate, the AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association), the New York Bar Association, the New York City Council, the US Conference of Bishops and over 141 organizations, with the President of the Philippines, President Benigno Aquino formally requesting for TPS designation on December 16, 2013," MHC said.
Development of MHC Utilization theme: After sum- marizing the research theme and target problems of the articles collected we compared the time of publication policy involved and time of program introduction.
It also facilitates the user to make MHC restricted peptide predictions using full length MHC protein sequences and given protein of interest.
McNiel and Binder (2007) compared MHC participants (n = 1,700) to non-participants (n = 8,067), and found that participants in the MHC experienced longer periods of time without re-offending.
WTW, this assessment was made after only three months of exposure to the MHC , while for the other two studies, this assessment was made following the full use time period.
Scientists have proposed three theories for why so many MHC gene variants exist in vertebrate animal populations (invertebrates don't have MHCs), and say all three likely are involved in maintaining the tremendous diversity of MHCs.
On the other hand, the paper introduces a virtual prototyping simulation technology that is integrated with ADAMS (Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical system) and MATLAB for designing mechanical and control system of MHC without the necessity to build a physical prototype.
This work is part of a larger study examining the effect of MHC on processes of outpatient diabetes care in FY03.
Chip reasoned that if MHC could compare favorably to the industry, then it likely was a sound investment.
MHC proteins carry peptides, small pieces that are chopped up from the cell's internal proteins, to the cell's surface.