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MHCMount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA)
MHCMajor Histocompatibility Complex
MHCMars Hill College
MHCMyosin Heavy Chain
MHCMutual Holding Company
MHCMental Health Center
MHCMental Health Counseling
MHCMental Health Commission
MHCMile High Club
MHCMigrant Health Centers (US HRSA)
MHCMichigan Humanities Council
MHCMental Health Coalition
MHCMobile Health Clinics
MHCMinehunter, Coastal
MHCMissouri Humanities Council
MHCManitoba Horse Council (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
MHCMount Hope Church (Grand Blanc, MI)
MHCMaterial-Handling Car
MHCMaryland Horse Council
MHCMillenial Housing Commission
MHCMinor Histocompatibility Complex (immunology)
MHCMechanical Hydraulic Control
MHCMethodist Health Care
MHCManufactured Housing Consultant (Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute)
MHCModern Housing Complex (India)
MHCMary Holmes College (West Point, Mississippi)
MHCManufactured Housing Commission
MHCMasonic Healthcare Center (Wallingford, CT)
MHCMild Hydrocracking Unit
MHCMaterial Handling Cost (cellular manufacturing systems)
MHCMichigan Historical Commission
MHCMilitary High Command
MHCmanagement headquarters ceiling (US DoD)
MHCMateriel Handling Crane
MHCMunshi Head Constable (India)
MHCMoto-Club des Hauts Cantons (French: Senior Townships Motorcycle Club)
MHCMulti Hypothesis Correlation
MHCMaritime Historical Conference
MHCMixed Hepatocellular Carcinoma
MHCMan in the High Castle (Philip K. Dick book)
MHCMcGraw-Hill Companies (publishing)
MHCMental Health Clinic (various organizations)
MHCMedicine Hat College (Alberta, Canada)
MHCMetropolitan Hospital Center (New York, NY)
MHCMobile Home Community (various locations)
MHCMacaulay Honors College (New York)
MHCMars Hill Church (Seattle, WA)
MHCMini HiFi Component
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Pure MHC identifies and leverages the same disease targets for drug discovery that the immune system naturally uses to identify foreign or aberrant protein targets in cancerous, infected, or unhealthy cells.
Furthermore, this activity builds on another on-going work of the IAEA to upgrade the MHC to facilitate direct borehole disposal of sealed radioactive sources, also known as the BOSS methodology.
WTW, this assessment was made after only three months of exposure to the MHC , while for the other two studies, this assessment was made following the full use time period.
Theory one states that an organism with more MHC varieties has a better immune response than organisms with fewer varieties, so over time, organisms with more MHCs are more likely to survive.
MHC compared very favorably to the industry (17% vs.
It also binds peptides--that's unique to this MHC mimic.
There is a developing understanding that how tightly MHC binds its peptide determines whether you get a T cell response," says team member Lawrence J.
The use of MHC tetramers in the development and testing of vaccines also holds promise.
the independent drug- development company specializing in oncology, endocrinology and niche products, have signed a license agreement for GPC Biotech's pre-clinical small molecule MHC class II antagonists program.
The monogamous social organization of Aotus azarai offers a unique opportunity to study the role of MHC genes in mate choice.
Quantitative analysis of peptides from myelin basic protein binding to the MHC class II protein, I-AU, which confers susceptibility to experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.