MHCDMental Health Center of Denver
MHCDMental Health Corporation of Denver (Colorado)
MHCDMental Health Chemical Dependency (medical insurance claims health services category)
MHCDMixed Hockey Club Drunen (Drunen, Heusden, Netherlands)
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To imagine the kinds of ECM record structure it would need, MHCD did a lot of advance work, Clark says.
The LEGAL section of an MHCD consumer record contains numerous subsections, including ADVANCE DIRECTIVE.
Once the MHCD committee sorted and ranked mental health conditions, the health list was reviewed by mental health experts within and outside the state.
If the most dramatic contribution of the Oregon Plan was that of placing formal, public priority setting on the public policy agenda, an equally stunning gain for mental health was the MHCD committee's single-minded approach to assuring parity between mental and physical health.
Digitech Systems is pleased to congratulate MHCD," said HK Bain, CEO of Digitech Systems.
Imagetek demonstrates the essential role of a reseller in their work with MHCD.
Not long after Clark was named CEO of MHCD in 2000, the organization started "seriously focusing on recovery.
To tailor their recovery measurements to the unique consumers they serve, MHCD put together a multi-disciplinary committee to research and develop the Recovery Marker Inventory (RMI), Consumer Recovery Measures (CRM), and Recovery Needs Levels (RNL).
Upon her discharge, CCH took her back into its transitional housing and MHCD continued working with her.
Marika's story illustrates how MHCD helps homeless consumers--one of the most difficult populations for any provider--to recover.
and earned his medical degree from the University of Colorado, joined MHCD in 1989 and was named CEO 10 years ago.