MHCTMontana High Country Tours (est. 1979; Polaris, MT)
MHCTMental Health Court (State of Alaska)
MHCTMental Health Crisis Team (various locations)
MHCTMicro-Haematocrite Centrifugation Technique
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Key words: Trypanosomiasis, PCR, MHCT, ELISA, equines.
The sensitivity and specificity of PCR and ELISA was evaluated by considering the MHCT as a gold standard test (Thrusfield, 2006).
To compare between MHCT, ELISA and PCR, chi-square test was employed (Statistical Package for Social Science, SPSS for Windows, Inc, USA version 14.
Thereafter, 120 formol-gel positive samples were further analyzed using MHCT, ELISA and PCR.
05) when detected with PCR compared to MHCT or ELISA.