MHDCMissouri Housing Development Commission
MHDCMassachusetts Health Data Consortium
MHDCMy Hard Drive Crashed
MHDCMile High Design Center (Advanced Microprocessor Development; Fort Collins, CO)
MHDCMulti-Hole Directional Coupler
MHDCMalvern Hills District Council (Worcestershire, UK)
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MHDC and Andah are well aware of this fact and are trying to keep this craft alive in cooperation.
Dominium talked extensively with MHDC about the added costs of the project.
MHDC was created through the spin-off of heat distribution assets from Mosenergo in 2005, despite the fact that heat distribution is an essential part of heat generation companies.
Cleaver took advantage of a good working relationship he had developed with the MHDC and approached them about "doing something creative with urban development.
To celebrate the partnership, MHDC and Moen will host a welcoming ceremony on Monday, November 14 at 12:00 pm at the organization's first affordable housing project, Betel Apartments, located at 1227 Hampshire Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.
According to MHDC (2000), domestic violence occurs in every third household and up to 80 percent of women in Pakistan are subject to different forms of domestic violence in Pakistan.
Discover Bank's program delivered lending, investment and technical assistance solutions to help MHDC obtain the necessary resources, including debt and equity instruments, to meet the housing needs of this segment of the community.
MHDC, a community based organization, creates and preserves high-quality affordable housing for residents of low and moderate incomes in the Mission District and San Francisco.
MHDC to Streamline Accounting of their Fixed Income Portfolio
Since that time, MHDC has encouraged and assisted in the production of affordable rental housing and provided homeownership opportunities for thousands of families.
NEF, MHDC Join Forces to Preserve Section 8 Properties
AMD plans to use the increased flexibility and efficiency provided by the MHDC to accelerate the introduction of next-generation microprocessors that are more closely aligned with the evolving priorities of customers, partners and end users worldwide.