MHDIMinnesota Health Data Institute
MHDIMunicipal Human Development Index (socioeconomic indicator)
MHDIMartin Haswell Digital Imaging (UK)
MHDIMayne Health Diagnostic Imaging (Beerwah, Queensland, Australia)
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For simplicity, we will refer to the report card generated by the State of Minnesota Department of Employee Relations as the employer-specific report card and the report card generated by the MHDI as the community-wide report card.
University employees had no prior experience with any report card, because the report card produced by MHDI was the first public initiative to disseminate health plan report card information in Minnesota
Stump suggests keeping in mind the following points when evaluating the MHDI data:
The satisfaction data provided by MHDI meets an information need identified as important by consumers.
In addition to these changes, MHDI initiated a one for twenty reverse split.
MHDI is now focused on the growing opportunities within the Hispanic language programming market.