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MHDLMIMIC Hardware Description Language
MHDLMicrowave Hardware Description Language
MHDLMasters of Human Development & Learning
MHDLMinimized Hardware Description Language
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The DARPA-sponsored MHDL program, which is part of the MIMIC Phase 3 program, formally began on November 15, 1990.
In order to show the utility of MHDL and demonstrate its capabilities, CAD tools will be developed in Phase 2.
The effort under this phase is to support the transfer of MHDL to a standardization body and the associated procedures to make MHDL a industry standard.
The MIMIC hardware description language is a reality and has already had some successes, such as the full cooperation of industry and the diversity of participants in the MHDL Working Group.
The cost of fully developing an MHDL with accompanying standards and interfaces could exceed the $20 M estimate spent on VHDL.