MHDOMaine Health Data Organization (Augusta, ME)
MHDOMindanao Health Development Office (Philippines Department of Health)
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In the analysis of the utility of various ICD-9 codes for identifying cases of meningococcal disease using MHDO data, sensitivity (92%) and PPV (53%) were highest when a combination of code 036.
During the attempt to identify cases of meningococcal disease in the MHDO dataset, certain diagnostic codes (i.
First, the two data systems used in this analysis might not have been completely independent because information from hospitals was included in both MHDO and MDHHS datasets.
When hospital discharge data become available on a real-time basis in Maine, MDHHS will need to determine how best to use this information, given the apparent limitations of ICD-9 codes in the MHDO dataset for identifying cases of meningococcal disease.
2]) / C, S = number of cases identified in MHDO dataset, N1 = number of cases identified only in MDHHS dataset, [N.