MHECMaryland Higher Education Commission
MHECMidwestern Higher Education Compact (also known as the Midwestern Higher Education Commission)
MHECMidwestern Higher Education Commission (also known as the Midwestern Higher Education Compact)
MHECMaine Higher Education Council
MHECMusique et harmonie de l'Esperance de Cannes
MHECMassachusetts Higher Education Consortium
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James Fielder, Maryland's Secretary of Higher Education has asked two- and four-year schools interested in reaching out to ITT Tech students to submit formal proposals to the MHEC, according to Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) officials.
Through the MHEC contract, Juniper solutions in core routing, switching and security will be available at rates discounted for higher education institutions, K-12 districts and schools, education-related non-profit organisations, cities, counties, local subdivisions and state governments within MHEC's 12-state membership.
eIQ not only brings the next generation security information and event management (SIEM) solution to MHEC's contract portfolio, but a much broader product offering that provides situational awareness, taking system data collection from a forensic analysis tool right through tactical response to strategic IT planning," commented John Dunning, CIO, Wayne State College (NE) and chair, MHEC Technologies Committee.
VoDaVi President and CEO Amy Friel said, "We are thrilled to be on the MHEC F05 Technology contract.
If a contract is in place, you can pick up the phone and order [the product] today and have it tomorrow," says Jake Bishop, CEO of MHEC, which has 83 members and is the oldest nonprofit U.
MSDE is the lead agency for the grant, while MHEC oversees its higher education components.
Their study used representation data provided by the EEOC, the 1990 Census Public Use Micro Sample, and the MHEC universities, as well as surveys, semi-structured individual interviews, focus group interviews, and reviews of exemplary recruitment and retention programs.
In his current position as president of the MHEC in Minneapolis, Isaak has helped lead a significant expansion in MHEC activities related to student access, policy research and cost-savings initiatives.
Finally, we combined 5% state-based samples to estimate representation ratios and to analyze higher education patterns in MHEC states.
MHEC will extend the benefits of the partnership to its sister compact, the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) and to institutions, students and faculty in MHEC and WICHE member states.