MHEFIMaterial Handling Education Foundation Inc.
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Modern: Are there other ways that an MHI member or an end user of our solutions can participate or partner with MHEFI beyond a financial contribution?
DUTIES: Among other things, MHEFI promotes and raises the awareness of the materials handling and the supply chain industries to educators and students through scholarships and financial support.
Varner: MHEFI stands for the Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc.
I provide general supervision and management of the property, operations, business and affairs of the foundation, and I ensure all policies and programs are carried out according to the direction of the MHEFI Board of Directors.
Varner: MHEFI was established in 1976 by the MHI Board of Directors.
Varner: MHEFI receives its funding through contributions from MHI and MHEDA members, MHI Industry Groups, named funds and endowments, and other general donations.
His mentor, Wally O'Mally, who was instrumental in getting the MHEFI established, offered him insight into a supply side career.
Victoria Wheeler, director of member services at Materials Handling Industry of America, says MHEFI "looks forward to being able to provide another twenty-five years of even greater financial support, by always offering a highly motivated and educated base of future stars in the industry.
See next month's issue for an interview with the other original MHEFI winner, Stephen Parsley.
During the 24 years since that time, McLaughlin has guided the leadership of MHEFI, has been an active member of the board of directors, and has been a continuous financial supporter during that time.
Sbordon received the MHEFI Lifetime Achievement award after more than a decade of serving as president of MHEFI.
MHEFI raised its level of support of college and university scholarships 300% annually under Sbordon's guidance, while accumulating a trust fund sufficient to support the administrative activities associated with its programming.