MHETManufactured Housing Educational Trust (Laguna Hills, CA)
MHETMultiple Heuristics Evaluation Table (software development and usability analysis)
MHETMilitary Heavy Equipment Transport
MHETMinistry of Higher Education and Technology (Zimbabwe)
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248: This document must be read with its fragmentary envelope, MHET 2, 5 616.
Another such scribal lapse appears in MHET 2, 4 498: 14, where the scribe wrote and transposed ITU ZAG:BARAG:GAR for MN I.
A similar use of la idim as the basis of litigious action can be found in MHET 2, 2 162: 23-24: kima ina la idim sarram imhuru, "since they recklessly approached the king (to start a lawsuit).
172, CAD S/2, 329b, and MHET 2, 4 549: 26, 5 670: 20-21.
This same phrase occurs in MHET 2, 743: 11-- 14 (ub-ba-lu).
This statement appears in the prefaces of MHET 2, 1-6.
Greengus, "Calendar at Sippar" 220; and additional references found in MHET 2, 1 74 (= CT 6 48a) and MHET 2, 5 743: 11-14 and 789: 12'-15' (The MN also appears in CT 48 17: 3, which is not confirmed for Sippar.
We may note the variant found in MHET 2, 2 274, where the month name is written (defectively) as Gu-si on both tablet and case.
My reading of the MNs in lines 13 and 15 is supported by signs copied by Dekiere, MHET 2, 2, p.
Restoration is based upon signs copied by Dekiere, MHET 2, 2, p.
Our findings here give us reason to doubt the reading of ITU [Left ceiling]Na[Right ceiling]-[ab-ri] offered by Dekiere in MHET 2, 5 752: 11, a one-year rental of a tavern.
ZI was read Dumuzi in Akkadian; this is confirmed for Sippar by MHET 2, 4 491:10 where the date is written ITU Du-mu-zi.