MHHMedizinische Hochschule Hannover (Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany)
MHHMarsh Harbour, Bahamas (Airport Code)
MHHMale-Headed Household
MHHMy Humble House (restaurant; Beijing, China)
MHHMoray House Holyrood (Edinburgh University; UK)
MHHMast Head Height
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Blake's MHH, meanwhile, has "no positive incongruity, no inherent contradiction.
Our clinical experience indicated an even higher incidence of haemodynamically significant pneumothorax associated with MHH repair than previously reported.
The deal has created a new company, Dulas MHH, which will be launched at the world's largest photovoltaic event - Intersolar Europe, which starts in Munich today.
The main result of this paper is a (multivariate) generalization of the MHH conjecture for the special case of adjacency matrices of threshold graphs.
MHH are those units of which the male head of the household and present at the homestead the whole year.
Finally, students were asked to devise a personal goal during this session that could be pursued throughout the 5 weeks of the MHH program.
Abegaz BM, Connoly JD, Nkunya MHH (1998) African genetic resources for the development of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
In addition to the MHH charge we also pay into the Coventry and District MH Transport scheme.
1) US-based peer group based on EDGW's 2015 proxy statement: CRTN US, CSPI US, GVP US, GUID US, III US, INOD US, LLNW US, MHH US, MATR US, NTWK US, NCIT US, PRFT US, QADA US, RCMT US, SMSI US, SYNC US, HCKT US, & WYY US.
Specific indicators of influence considered in this study included MHH consent and awareness of the project, their involvement in their household project participant's income generation activities as well as project effects on household food and non-food resource management.