MHHNPMemorial Hermann Health Network Providers (Houston, TX)
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eClinicalWorks' EMR solution enables MHHNP to manage patient flow, immediately access patient records in-house or remotely, electronically communicate with the referring physicians and securely send consult notes and clinical data.
Astonishingly, of the 913 MHHNP physicians that have transitioned to Bluegate, only 81 -- less than 9% - had existing firewalls.
MHHNP recognized that its own success was contingent on the ability to link securely to its diverse membership of physicians through HIPAA-compliant connectivity that is integrated into each physician's unique IT environment.
We're pleased to be in partnership with Bluegate, breaking new ground in clinical integration and healthcare network security to better serve our member physicians and help improve the quality of patient care delivered by MHHNP physicians," said Scott Fenn, MHHNP CEO.
Bluegate's MHHNP implementation encompasses a 24/7 managed Cisco security appliance installation for more than 900 physicians, as well as state-of-the-art anti-virus and security software on every desktop that was integrated with new, upgraded or existing broadband connectivity.
With this VPN in place, Bluegate is helping MHHNP accelerate clinical integration among all parties while keeping IT practices consistent with their existing network infrastructure, protocols, and practices.
Over the past year, PhysicianLINK usage has grown tremendously with the introduction of PhysicianLINK2005, UpToDate and the Bluegate solution," said Brian Beardmore, MHHNP Manager of Enterprise Physician Initiatives.
Beardmore added, "EMR use by MHHNP physicians and their staffs increased by 8% over the past year and is expected to increase rapidly in the next few years.
More than 900 member physicians have signed up for the MHHNP Bluegate program in the last year.