MHIMental Health Initiative
MHIManufactured Housing Institute
MHIMedian Household Income
MHIMontreal Heart Institute (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
MHIMain Hawaiian Islands
MHIMaterial Handling Institute (educational & certification component of MHIA)
MHIOpen Society Mental Health Initiative
MHIMedical and Health Insurance
MHIMed Help International
MHIMedicare Health Insurance
MHIMember Help Interactive (America Online)
MHIMuslim Hands International (NGO)
MHIMasters in Healthcare Innovation (Arizona State University College of Healthcare Innovation)
MHIMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Japan)
MHIMulti-Media Holdings, Inc. (Washington, DC)
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MHI and AREVA have a robust track record of cooperation through the years.
Through MHI Global, organizations can access the world's most extensive knowledge base on how to drive customer-management excellence and growth.
Joe Kaeser, President and CEO of Siemens: "I appreciate MHI's commitment to join our efforts and I do look forward to working together with MHI to create a long-term oriented solution for Alstom, MHI and Siemens".
Under Miller Heiman's management team, the companies will operate independently, while led by a cohesive senior-executive team; keep their individual company names; retain local managing directors and teams; continue to partner with their individual customers; and expand their worldwide capabilities within the framework of MHI Global.
MHI's president, Shunichi Miyanaga, stated, "The synergistic effect of combining the talent and resources of MHI and PW Power Systems will lead to the significant growth of 'Energy & Environmental', one of MHI's four core corporate sectors, and also increase MHI's competitiveness in the worldwide power generation market.
According to MHI officials, with a broader emphasis on solutions for the larger supply chain, MHI will showcase its member companies and provide end users with enhanced content that incorporates not only material handling, but manufacturing, distribution, logistics and transportation.
MHI's Singapore-based subsidiary - MHI Industrial Engineering & Services Private Limited.
The initial capital of MEIP is about $20 million with MHI holding 51 per cent and SBG owning 49 per cent.
Two reactors developed by MHI have been already introduced at a U.
MHI estimates that operation of 42 units of the MWT92/2.
MHI owns and operates five funeral homes and four cemeteries in Florida.
Hitachi and MHI will manage the joint venture as equal partners.