MHIGMy Hand Is Good (poker)
MHIGMetropolitan Housing Implementation Group (est. 1995; Minnesota)
MHIGMen's Health Interest Group (various organizations)
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MHIG also claims that MUHC misused the review procedure.
By misusing the review procedure, the MUHC required MHIG to change several aspects of the design despite the fact that the design submitted by MHIG met the requirements set out in the agreement, and this resulted in additional costs and delays which had to be made up by MHIG to meet the project deadline.
The changes requested by the MUHC also had considerable impacts on the management and maintenance of the hospital assets, as these activities are directly affected by the size of the complex and the type and number of equipment items and systems included in the facility, said MHIG.
It said that most of the many changes required were requested at a point in time in the building process that had a major negative impact on MHIGs work and resulted in considerable amounts of incremental cost and lost time and productivity.