MHINMental Health Information Network
MHINMichiana Health Information Network (South Bend, IN)
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When MHIN was founded, the healthcare tech industry had yet to develop information exchange solutions.
That first step set the stage for MHIN to become an integrated provider.
MHIN and Cerner realized they needed a solution to connect all other health IT suppliers.
Today, MHIN's approximately 2,000 provider members on various EHR systems share health information through MHIN.
Kricheff has helped MHIN stay at the forefront of interoperability.
As a mature HIE that successfully enables information exchange in its region, MHIN is now working with Cerner to help its members improve the health of their populations through access to information from many different sources.
Rather than run through the usual battery of tests, Kricheff consulted the patient's records via MHIN and discovered that those tests had already been done.
Knowing that our area is ahead of the curve with assets like Metronet and MHIN will allow us the leverage that can help attract high-caliber health care providers to our region," she says.
About Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN): MHIN is a health information exchange committed to improving care in the Michiana health community.
EDS is pleased to make this opportunity with ProxyMed available to our MHIN clients.
Michael Hoover, ProxyMed's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said, "I am extremely pleased that EDS selected ProxyMed over our competitors and that we were able to develop an arrangement with EDS to have the opportunity to offer MHIN clients our outstanding suite of services.
Actual results may differ significantly from projected results due to a number of factors, including, but not limited to, our ability to successfully cross-sell ProxyMed's services to the MHIN customers; the soundness of our business strategies relative to the perceived market opportunities; our ability to successfully develop, market, sell, install and upgrade our clinical and financial transaction services and applications to physicians, payers, medical laboratories and pharmacies; our ability to compete effectively on price and support services; our assessment of the healthcare industry's need, desire and ability to become technology efficient; and our ability and that of our business associates to comply with various government rules regarding healthcare and patient privacy.