MHIPMaryland Health Insurance Plan (Owings Mills, MD)
MHIPMissouri Health Insurance Pool (high-risk insurance)
MHIPMissile Homing Improvement Program
MHIPMental Health Initiative Program
MHIPMembrane Helical Interfacial Pairwise
MHIPMedicare Hospital Information Project (biostatistics)
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MHIP has contracted with RightChoice, a subsidiary of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, to administer the program and Catalyst Rx to provide prescription drug coverage.
This new pool will be the second operated by MHIP in Missouri.
The MHIP is one of the biggest voluntary organizations in the state and its work area covers the whole territory of Mizoram.
The MHIP indicated that funding would be distributed for specific flood hazard studies and flood map production for the most vulnerable counties mentioned in the report and ranked by priority.
Using sample sizes of 20, 50, 100, and 600 cases and percent fractures of 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100, 50 random samples of each size-percent combination were selected from the 1,421 cases used in the MHIP report.
MHIP is the exclusive land brokerage corporation for Mile High Capital Group, a real estate development company that develops subdivisions around the country in areas it has identified as possible high-growth areas with a rental need.
Pattern analysis making use of the insights derived from the MHIP will be included in HCQII's Fourth Scope of Work encompassing quality of care evaluation and improvement activities by PROs.