MHJMedieval History Journal
MHJMoon Hee Jun (Korean singer)
MHJMassachusetts Hunter Jumper (horses)
MHJMelbourne Historical Journal (University of Melbourne; School of Historical Studies; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
MHJMinnesota Hockey Journal
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He added that bone health research supporting MenaQ7 published in Osteoporosis International (Knapen MHJ et al.
Bilgin YM, van de Watering LMG, Eijsman L, Versteegh MIM, van Oers MHJ, Brand A.
As INFOhio plans for 2012, the lessons learned from the MHJ project and the needs expressed in the INFOhio Learning Commons and Knowledge Building Community will focus the work.
0]] se realizaron de acuerdo con Montgomery (1991) y Zar (1999), a traves de la aplicacion del programa estadistico SAS (1996), para establecer si el comportamiento termico del MHJ diferia significativamente del ambiente (Tabla 11).
The MHJ scheme was said to be in line with current policies for encouraging canal-related developments.
The 2014 Amphora Issue of the MHJ begins with 'This is My Sparta
This edition of MHJ takes a broad view of its theme.
Vogt MHJ, Stet EH, De Abreu RA, Bokkerink JPM, Lambooy LHJ, Trijbels JMF.
of MHJ Group 800-260-8993 Capital 800-966-0709 Carlisle Wide Plank Floors 800-595-9663 Classic Post & Beam 800-872-2326 Coastal Lumber Co.
Zhang J, Wilke N, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Wang C, Eijgelshoven MHJ, et al.
Riverlea won the prize for best postgraduate paper which 'The Amphora Issue' of MHJ offered to publish.