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MHKMohawk Industries (stock symbol)
MHKMerkez Hakem Komitesi (Central Referee Committee, Turkey)
MHKMember of the House of Keys (Tynwald, IOM, UK)
MHKManhattan, KS, USA - Manhattan Municipal (Airport Code)
MHKMuzeu Historik Kombetar (Albanian: Historical National Museum)
MHKMuseum Het Kruithuis (Dutch: Museum of Contemporary Art)
MHKMoorish Holy Koran (Islam)
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Kragh founded MHK Architecture & Planning in 2009.
In addition to commercialization by Verdant Power of the MHK tidal energy technology to provide clean, locally generated, renewable power under its FERC license, this array of turbines will form the core of a collaborative research program.
By partnering with MHK, Meydan is delivering on its promise to create a variety of excellent offerings in education and other sectors.
Further, the new hospital will focus on training Emirati doctors, said Shoaib Khoury, Managing Director of MHK.
MHK, siklikla ileri yasta ve immunsupresyonu olan bireylerde, gunese maruz kalan alanlarda ortaya cikmaktadir.
Shamsheer Vayalil said: "We are delighted to be working with the MHK Group to extend high quality and affordable healthcare services to the residents of Dubai.
Kraft, who has worn an MHK lapel pin throughout the season, said on Friday he is grateful for the all the support he's had during the last few difficult months.
The work under review contains the first complete critical edition of the MHK, together with Lindtner's useful and informative English introduction and an index of half-verses.
An MHK with PCD bearings has no seals, accommodates variable loads from tides without bearing failure, and cannot contaminate the seawater with oil--since seawater is the bearing lubricant.
He defended the TFF's match replay decision despite the MHK's opinion that there was no "infringement of rules," saying the TFF's board was not convinced by the report, reiterating that this does not necessitate the MHK head stepping down.
Phil Gawne MHK “I am shocked to note that our legislation allows such things to happen here and will do what I can to work with colleagues to ensure that such discrimination can not take place in the future.
The Mir Hashem Khoory Group has identified a number of opportunities in the UAE health care market, and we are delighted to have an opportunity with Umm Hurrair Hospital to expand further," said Shafiq Mir Hashim Khoury, MHK executive director.