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MHOSMental Health Officer Services (Scotland, UK)
MHOSMid-Hudson Orchid Society (New York)
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Among the survey items available on the MHOS, the current analysis focused on demographic characteristics, self-reported chronic medical conditions (other than cancer), and a standardized HRQOL measure.
Results indicated that across most cancer types, after adjusting for demographic differences, individuals with a cancer history have a small, but significantly higher, prevalence of most of the comorbid medical conditions measured on the MHOS.
Because MHO was an important issue, the ASA (M&RA) directed the MHO Team to visit every site providing care to MHOs, and assess performance of the MTFs and MRPUs.
Those best practices have to be applied at every site that cares for MHOS.
Most of the questions and their response choices on the form were presented in a dichotomous yes-no format, making the filling-out process simple and efficient for the MHOs.
Both MHOs have had years of experience in this decision-making process and function on the supervisory level of the clinic.
We used three MHOS smoking questions: (1) Have you ever smoked at least 100 cigarettes in your entire life?
The MHOS included the SF-36[R] health survey, version 1 (Ware and Sherbourne, 1992) and we used the SF-36[R] PCS and MCS as the dependent variables in this study.
01) and proxy response at followup MHOS assessment ([chi square] = 13.
2003) also found poorer HRQOL in cancer relative to noncancer respondents to the MHOS in a cross-sectional study that matched only on age categories.
The National Committee for Quality Assurance began the MHOS in 1996 under contract to CMS.
They note that MMC enrollees diagnosed with cancer have a higher prevalence of medical comorbidities, and that after these comorbid conditions and the time since the diagnosis are accounted for, cancer survivors have significantly more physical health limitations than MHOS respondents without a cancer diagnosis.