MHPAMilford Haven Port Authority (Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire; Wales, UK)
MHPAMental Health Parity Act of 1996
MHPAMedicaid Health Plans of America (Washington, DC)
MHPAMental Health Procedures Act (Pennsylvania; est. 1976)
MHPAMultiple Habitat Planning Area (California)
MHPAMast Head Power Amplifier (cellular)
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Alec Don, chief executive of MHPA, said "We believe that this development is in line with our strategy of maintaining a strong balance sheet to enable us to diversify and take advantage of other energy related opportunities.
7% of the time in the MHPA levels during the weekend day, which is less than found in our study (9.
The MHPA of 1996 did not affect substance abuse treatment benefits.
We then can conclude that a commitment under MHPA will not allow medical staff to treat Ronald's diabetes.
The interim regulations include examples of permissible ways to comply with the MHPA.
The MHPA provisions and implementing rules do not require any group plan or coverage to provide mental health coverage.
These exemplary programs and companies are key to helping meet the needs of the disadvantaged," said Jeff Myers, president and CEO of MHPA.
The enlarged business willl be jointly owned by MHPA and Mustang's existing management, and will trade under the name Mustang Marine.
The MHPA annual meeting will be held at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA from November 4-5, 2010.
The Joy Wheeler Leadership Award goes to Dennis Smith, CEO of Upper Peninsula Health Plan, for his exceptional service to MHPA throughout the year.
Representatives from Atkins and MHPA have held their first meeting to discuss the programme of work, with particular attention to the possible disturbance to the operations of the docks and marina.
We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our presence at the MHPA meeting this year," said Craig Spargimino, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Sun Knowledge, Ltd.