MHPEMaster of Health Professions Education
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He said that MHPE was a unique programme of its kinds that would help inducting fully equipped teachers in our field.
Riley MHPE, CCT, Program Director and Assistant Professor-Clinical Allied Medicine, The Ohio State University, who has been using Luna's EDAC QUANTIFIER in a research setting since October 2006.
Elizabeth Klodd, MS; (1) Andrew Hansen, PhD; (2-3*) Stefania Fatone, PhD; (3-1) Mark Edwards, MHPE, CP (4-5)
We would like to acknowledge Dudley Childress, PhD; Steven Gard, PhD; Michael Brncick, MEd, CPO; and Bryan Malas, MHPE, CO, who all contributed invaluable advice during the writing of this article.
MHPE is associate chair of the department: of medicine, and associate professor of medicine, preventive medicine and medical education at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.
Author(s): Madhur Nayan, Anne-Marie Houle, MD, FAAP, FRCSC, MBA, Elspeth McDougall, MD, FRCSC, MHPE, Gerald M.