MHQPMassachusetts Health Quality Partners
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MHQP designed the survey, and its questions reflect the Institute of Medicine's evidence-based recommendations on what makes good primary care, Barbra Rabson, executive director of MHQP, said in an interview.
MHQP would like to repeat the Consumer Reports collaboration when it surveys patients again in 2013, but it must line up funding_ The partnership was funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Edward Westrick, vice president of medical management at UMass Memorial Health Care, said that transitioning more than 100 UMass medical offices to electronic medical records happened, in part, due to the results of past MHQP studies.
Our overarching goal is to equip both patients and physicians with information they can use to improve the quality and outcomes of care," said Barbra Rabson, executive director of MHQP.
The universe of potential study participants in Massachusetts consisted of 5,297 primary care physicians affiliated with one of the 69 entities that contract with one or more of the health plans participating in the MHQP profiling program.
In the eight years that MHQP has measured quality for medical groups, every measure has seen improvement.
Chase, interim chief medical officer at MHQP member Fallon Community Health Plan, welcomed the report.
We cannot make improvements to our health care system without engaging the public," said Barbra Rabson, executive director of MHQP.
MHQP is a coalition of health plans, doctors, hospitals, purchasers, consumers and government agencies working to improve the quality of health care services in Massachusetts.
Primary care physicians in Massachusetts are making strides to improve overall care by closing gaps in variation, according to MHQP trend data.
Almost 80,000 commercially insured patients responded to the statewide survey and reported overall improvements in several dimensions of the doctor-patient relationship, such as communication and knowledge of their patients, compared to prior MHQP survey results.
MHQP is a non-profit, broad-based coalition established in 1995 that measures and reports reliable physician performance information to help physicians improve the quality of care they provide their patients and help consumers take an active role in making informed decisions about their health care.