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MHSAMaster of Health Services Administration (graduate degree)
MHSAMontana High School Association
MHSAMine Health and Safety Act (South Africa)
MHSAMennonite Historical Society of Alberta (Canada)
MHSAManufacturers' Health & Safety Association
MHSAMissouri Horse Shows Association
MHSAMaryland Horse Shows Association
MHSAMaryland High School Assessment
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With the $475,000 loan and the $250,000 operating subsidy from the MHSA Housing Program, five units were built and set aside to assist low-income formerly homeless individuals get off of the streets and regain productive lives with permanent affordable housing.
Bringing together student activists who are experiencing racial and ethnic health disparities and providing them with a platform for solving those problems has long been a goal of the Community-Based Public Health Caucus, said APHA member Renee Bayer, MHSA.
We wanted to dig deep with this survey to uncover some real-life underlying trends," said Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, MA, MHSA, Co-Founder of HealthcareDIY.
Kimberly Moore, MHSA, is now director of Affiliate affairs; and
Another 34 projects have received MHSA Housing Program Funding Commitments for an additional $48 million in project funding and $20 million in operating subsidies.
It advocates actively considering health and healthcare from a 360-degree outlook," said Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, MA, MHSA, Co-Founder of HealthcareDIY.
One woman in her 60s said she had never had a Pap test, but because we talked about health literacy, she went and got one," said Darlene Hurtado, MHSA, executive director of Literacy Volunteers of Central Connecticut.
They say necessity is the mother of invention and BlueBin is a great example of how truly innovative solutions can grow from a great need," said Patrick Hagan, MHSA, who was president and chief operating officer at Seattle Children's Hospital at the time BlueBin was developed.
In other staff news, Maya Ribault, who works in APHA's Publications Department, was promoted to junior associate production editor for APHA's American Journal of Public Health; and Kimberly Moore, MHSA, who works in the Affiliate Affairs Department, was promoted to deputy director of the department.
But even before MHSA passed, ILCs in California were making strides forward.
I'm very proud of Section members who contributed to this issue," said project co-organizer Ray Nicola, MD, MHSA, FACPM, who penned an editorial on the topic of leading and managing.