MHSWManagement of Health and Safety at Work (regulations; UK)
MHSWMinistry of Health and Social Welfare (Croatia)
MHSWMunicipal Hazardous or Special Waste Program (Ontario, Canada)
MHSWManagement of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1992
MHSWMy Home School World (website)
MHSWMental Health South West (UK)
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Calculating relative recyclability would be comparatively simple for products that are made predominantly of one material, as is the case for most Blue Box items, Used Tires, and some MHSW.
In the case of MHSW, however, the backlash against "eco-fees" has caused Ontario to abandon the payment system and to announce that, instead, it will fund municipalities to dispose of these wastes.
Where participation involves a significant effort on behalf of the consumer, as is the case in collection centre programs like MHSW, WEEE and Used Tires, issues of compliance arise.
Similarly, under the now-abandoned MHSW program, the IFO (Stewardship Ontario) had considerable power.
The Retail Council of Canada has representation on both the OES and the Ontario Tire Stewardship, while an additional two of the sixteen-member for Stewardship Ontario board must be independent of commercial ties to Blue Box or MHSW waste.