MHUSManitoba Hydro Utility Services (Canada)
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The acquisition of GDS provides us with a base of profitable operations on which to launch our new services in the European markets," stated Joe Putegnat, Director of Operations for MHUS.
MHUS also owns the subsidiary XChangeTel, a provider of international calling services based in San Diego, California.
MHUS also owns the subsidiary, XChangeTel, a provider of international calling services based in San Diego, California.
MHUS looks forward to helping Joe and Xtel achieve their goals.
Stated Joe Putegnat, "I believe MHUS is the vehicle that will allow us to be the next generation of carrier service providers.
Added Flannery, "While we await a more thorough review of XChangeTel's financials that I will include with MHUS financial statements, I am confident enough to state that the Company has been grossing in excess of $200,000 a month, a number we all believe will increase dramatically.
We will continue to strive to bring solid, revenue producing businesses into MHUS, create an opportunity for good financing to support the company's growth and deliver shareholder value, and to eventually, I hope, bring MHUS to the Bulletin Board or another exchange.
GVT brings to MHUS a good, revenue producing company, a history of success in its new management, and a desire to grow this company and bring real value to all shareholders.
I am committed to doing what is necessary to bring MHUS to the Bulletin Boards so we can close the type of financing that will grow the company and enhance shareholder value.
During the past several months, MHUS has signed a nonbinding letter of intent with MicroCars to have the rights to license the car assembly process internationally.
To complete this latter agreement requires MHUS to invest $300,000 into MicroCars, which we were prepared to do.
As a holding company, we felt it was important to begin diversifying the companies within Microholdings so as to have a variety of solid revenue sources and to create additional opportunities for MHUS to grow and be profitable.